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Laser Marking and Laser Etching for Medical Devices

Whether it is putting a logo and a part number on a handle, or putting depth rings on a surgical drill, FocalPoint has over 10 years of experience of laser marking, laser etching, and 5th Axis rotary marking medical devices. From medical instruments to implants to the trays that hold them, we can fulfill your laser marking needs.

A few of the OEMs that we currently mark products for:

Arthrex Implex Laser Marked Exactech-Tool  
Laser Marked Exactech 
Medtronic/Sofamor Danek Wright Medical
Johnson & Johnson EagleVison
Exactech W. Lorenz


 Laser Marked Bands

Laser Marked Driver Head

 Laser Marking System

 Laser Marked Bands

 Laser Marked Driver Head

Blue Laser Marked Metal Hook Laser Marked Driver Laser Marked Hip Implant

 Laser Marked 
Spinal Hook

 Laser Marked
Surgical Tool

 Laser Marked Hip Implant


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FocalPoint Technologies is your full-service partner for laser marking,
laser etching, and laser engraving projects.